Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year everybody! I usually refrain from reporting news in this space, preferring to comment on the news, or comment on other people's comments on the news. But what I want to share today needed to be kept out of the public eye and so there is no news about it to comment on...until now.

I'm starting a new company!

It is still stealth under the name Vadver and I invite you to visit to sign-up for our private alpha. We are on track to release in February, but will be sending info to alpha testers as early as next week.

If you think this is what prompted me to expand the focus of this blog to include video, you are correct. And, if you are wondering if this means I am leaving iLike, you are also right...kinda. I'll be moving to the Advisory Board (Sir George Martin is now my boss!), but will be working full time on John Doe (see last post for translation). Lastly, if you are dying of curiosity as to what the new site is about...just visit to get a glimpse and request more info.

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