Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The GarageBand/Live365 experiment is getting some serious attention. Unfortunately you need to register to see the full article, but the gist of it is there in the summary. What's missing are highlights from a few top bands who credit part of their recent success to GarageBand.

Anthony Rodriguez, recently returned from a tour of Ireland with Pet Project (formerly Sci-Fi Lullaby) said "If it weren't for, I would have quit music and got a day job. GarageBand is what KROQ was 10 years ago and what KCRW was five years ago. I can't say there is anything more pure and honest yet public left to speak of when it comes to new music."

Anne Heaton currently on tour with Jewel said "Everyone's music gets reviewed, and a lot of times the reviewers are other musicians and songwriters, so the feedback is really helpful and right on,"

I'm really excited to help break these artists and prove the promotional capacity of the internet in the process.

You can see the original press release here: