Monday, October 30, 2006

Last week we launched, a long jab right into the future of music discovery. Today we launched the GarageBand Faceoff, a right hook square in the jaw of music promotion, knocking loose any preconceptions you still have about the music industry:

  • Thought you had to choose between grassroots empowerment and mass media distribution? The GarageBand Faceoff has two bands chosen by the public at squaring off against each other on a nationally distributed FM radio show.
  • Thought a bands only choice was to sell their soul to a record label or toil in anonymity? Bands who win five times in a row on the GarageBand Faceoff face a real choice: $25,000 or proceeding to the finals to compete for a $100,000 recording contract
  • Consolidation turning radio radio playlists over to corporate control?The GarageBand Faceoff is your four minutes of freedom. The listeners vote by text and the web to decide which songs we play the next day.
Oh yes, those are fighting words. And after that one-two punch, well, the status quo can just bring it.

You can hear the show and find out where it is airing at

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